Let's End Fuel Poverty


Fuel Poverty in the UK is an unacceptable social ill that affects millions, and kills thousands each year - we need to eradicate Fuel Poverty.

Fuel Poverty is a complex issue and those more accomplished than me, National Energy Action, The Energy Bill Revolution, Fuel Poverty Action and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, to name but a few, are doing excellent work to address a social situation, that frankly shouldn't be happening in 2015!

The definition of Fuel Poverty is 'the condition of being unable to afford to keep one's home adequately heated.'

Fuel poverty in England is measured by the Low Income High Costs definition, which considers a household to be in fuel poverty if:

  • they have required fuel costs that are above average (the national median level)
  • were they to spend that amount they would be left with a residual income below the official poverty line

The key drivers behind fuel poverty are:

  • The energy efficiency of the property (and therefore, the energy required to heat and power the home)
  • The cost of energy
  • Household income

There have been many initiatives to tackle Fuel Poverty, some have had success, others haven't. There will be more though, and one will have an impact!

On a monthly basis there are new nano and micro technologies that are coming to market. In the main these technologies are inexpensive, and offer a good ROI. In the case of the XP2 Build Cert Approved Inhibitor with Energy Saving Properties, and for less than £10 ex Vat, one home in Fuel Poverty could save up to 15% on the cost of fuelling their central heating system. This could equate to **£120 PA, every year for three years. And that would reduce the Fuel Poverty Gap significantly!

Some our initiatives:







At Xelex Global Ltd we understand that as a company it needs to make a profit, but that doesn't mean we have to profiteer! And that's way the company will donate a certain amount of our Energy Saving products, for FREE, to those in Fuel Poverty - that is DIRECT ACTION ON FUEL POVERTY!

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